Why Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer

When a couple divorces, it becomes a very emotional and stressful situation, even though this is a time that both individuals need to remain unbiased. There is much at stake for both parties from dividing up property to determining the custody arrangements for any children in the family, but letting your emotions take over can sabotage your efforts. That’s just one reason hiring an attorney to speak for you is often in your best interests.

A Divorce Attorney in Long Island Will Protect Your Rights
You probably aren’t thoroughly educated in the laws that govern divorce and child custody proceedings, so you may not know all of your rights. When you go to family court without an attorney, you’re risking significant losses, especially if your former partner has hired a lawyer. This puts you at a great disadvantage and squaring off against your ex-spouse’s lawyer can lead to devastating losses.

During a divorce proceeding, there are several issues that must be resolved. While the judge will make the final determinations in these matters, his decisions will be based on the evidence and arguments made by both parties. This means a well prepared attorney working for your spouse may convince the judge that you should relinquish more assets than is fair, or that you shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the raising of your children. A divorce proceeding is a highly adversarial encounter and an experienced attorney can help you arrive at a fair divorce settlement, including a separation of hard money assets.

An Attorney Can Even Help with Mediation
Suppose you and your spouse are able to handle the divorce amicably? In this case, you won’t need to go through a lengthy and emotionally draining trial, which can end up creating a financial burden for both parties. You would go through mediation, which is essentially an opportunity for you and your former partner to negotiate the terms of the divorce. You’ll work together to determine fair arrangements for the division of property, child custody, spousal or child support payments, and other details.
While you may be able to compromise, that doesn’t mean this still won’t be an emotional experience. You may demand more than you should, or relinquish rights that your ex-spouse has no right to claim. Hiring an attorney to help with mediation will ensure the meetings remain cordial and can help ensure the arrangements are fair.
Additionally, an attorney can help you ensure your spouse isn’t trying to hide their assets from you, which would cause the settlement to be based on false information. Your attorney will know how to search financial and legal records to uncover all assets in your former partner’s possession. As well as attempting to hide assets, your former partner may also be destroying personal property to keep you from getting it in a settlement, or they may be threatening you with violence. An experienced divorce attorney will know how to use the law to protect you from harm and keep the playing field level. While hiring a divorce lawyer does represent an added expense, during a difficult time, it should be considered an investment that can help you protect your future.

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